The Centofante Group helps our clients become #1 Bestsellers

The Centofante Group is the leading Retail Sales Consultant for city and regional magazines. Our cover database is used by many of the leading city and regional magazines in the country. Our clients include. . .

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Dan Brogan, Owner of 5280

“With Alan's help, 5280 has become Denver's top-selling magazine—local or national! In fact, we regularly sell more copies of each issue than Real Simple, Oprah, Martha Stewart Living, Oprah, Vogue, National Geographic and Vanity Fair combined.”

Melissa Chowning, Audience Development Director, D Magazine

“D and The Centofante Group have been partners since 1999. In 2013, D Magazine grew its newsstand sales by 30% in an extremely difficult newsstand environment.”

Lori Birney, Baltimore Magazine Audience Development Director

“Alan is relentless, he has been known to pursue a retail opportunity for a dozen years before closing them for a top row every checkout position.”

Erin Quinn-Kong, Austin Monthly, Editor in Chief

“Not only is the Centofante Group's database a one-stop shop for cover and cover line ideas and inspiration, but Alan is a great resource as well.”

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The Centofante Cover Database features over 10,000 city, regional and national magazine covers

The Centofante Group’s cover database features over 10,000 city, regional and national magazine covers. Our proprietary cover database enables your edit and art team to search 100+ different city magazine cover topic categories. We can help your editors and art directors generate great ideas that can maximize your newsstand sales and subscriber readership.

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Client Success Case Studies

5280 Magazine
Denver's Bestseller

We’re so used to hearing that everything is down in publishing. So much so that I’ve heard people say that flat is the new up. Well, at 5280 in Denver, up is the new up.

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Austin Monthly
Triples Newsstand Sales

The past few years have not been kind to publishers on the newsstand. For most categories sales on the newsstand have dropped significantly but City and Regional Magazines continue to do better than the rest of the industry.

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The Centofante Group helps our clients become #1 Bestsellers


We help build relationships with your key retailers and help you secure retail display positions that will maximize your magazine's exposure to consumers and advertisers. Learn more about The Centofante Group!