ALAN CENTOFANTE, PRESIDENT – Alan is the nation’s leading newsstand consultant for city and regional magazines—currently representing nearly 50 city and regional magazine titles all across the country. He has more than 28 years of successful experience in newsstand sales and marketing consulting, teaching clients how to survive and thrive in the ever-challenging newsstand environment.

Over the years, Alan has created and nurtured relationships with the largest wholesalers and retailers, allowing him to advocate for his city and regional magazine clients at the highest levels—levels of advocacy quite often only reserved for the largest magazine companies. His relationships and first-hand knowledge of how to maximize sales in the tough newsstand environment have enabled him to help, over the years, nearly 100 city and regional titles.

Working with Alan and his team, many of his city and regional magazine clients have seen their newsstand sales double—and some have seen them triple. In an age when wholesalers and retailers continue to consolidate, getting bigger and more powerful all the time, Alan’s team and his city and regional magazine clients are proving that the newsstand has an affinity for local titles—when Alan’s proven newsstand sales and design techniques are utilized.